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Speed Optimization Service Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

If your website loaded one second faster, its bounce rate could be reduced by 3-5%. Users don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load – not more than 3 seconds. That is precisely why a website’s speed directly affects its bounce rate. There are a number of factors that affect the speed of the website. The speed optimization price for your website will largely depend on the current functionality and rate of your site.

Speed optimization prices vary in the industry. It can be anything between $50-$12000, depending on where you’re getting it done from, what platform your website is made on, and how many changes it needs to optimize its speed. Let’s understand this in detail.

How to Optimize Website Speed?

You know that the website’s code, image files, redirects, and hosting platform are largely some factors that affect the speed of the website. However, the price of fixing the errors and getting your site to load within 2 seconds varies for each service provider.

There are two ways in which a service provider will optimize your website for speed:

Use of Plugins or Apps

If your website is made on a CMS platform like WordPress or Shopify, some plugins or apps can be used to optimize the speed of the website. These may be either free to use or come at a monthly or yearly price.

Usually, those who manage their website use such plugins or apps as they are easy usage. However, they may not solve every problem your website is going through, making the method less effective.

Customized Coding

A professional service provider will have a team of web developers who will work on the coding of your website personally to fix issues such as heavy image files, too many redirects, or heavy CSS/JavaScript/HTML files.

Thus, the code of your website is changed manually, which helps in providing a more customized service to the owner.

Factors that Affect Speed Optimization Price

For a service provider that uses plugins or apps to optimize speed, it largely depends on whether the plugins are free or paid. For those who provide customized services to optimize website speed, the following are the factors that affect the price:

Page Speed Scores for Desktop & Mobile

Your current scores on PageSpeed Insights and GTMetrix, as well as the one you’re aiming for, will affect the amount of work that needs to be done on your website. Ideally, it should be above 90 to get the best results.

Load Time

Your current load time and the load time you are aiming for is the main purpose behind the whole exercise. Ideally, your website should open in less than 2 seconds. However, you can make it work in 2-3 seconds too.

Browser Caching

It is a process by which the web page’s content gets saved on the website’s hard drive. It helps in reducing the load time of the website. Your website may already have this feature or may need it added.

HTTP Requests Reduction

These are requests made to a server when a client uses a website. It differs for every website. The lesser the number of these requests, the faster the website loads.

Reducing Unused CSS and JavaScript Files

It takes a lot of coding to make a website. When you make one using a platform like WordPress or Shopify, a lot of it is coded by the CMS. Any unnecessary codes can be removed to optimize the page speed. It differs for every website.

Optimizing Images and Videos

By lazy loading images, embedding videos instead of uploading them directly, and optimizing these files, websites can open a lot faster. The work needed here depends on the number of media files your website has and how many need to be optimized.

How Much Does Speed Optimization Price?

I provide three packages for speed optimization – starting from $150 to $400. The premium package offers you all the services you need and loads your website in less than 2 seconds, giving you a score above 90. The other packages may not include script minification and bring your website to a decent level.

If you wish to maintain the speed you achieved for your website, it will cost you only $100 per month. Considering your conversions can improve massively, you can consider the page speed optimization price to be a necessary investment.

Which website do you have – WordPress, Shopify, or custom?

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