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Impact of Google Helpful Content Update on SEO

Have you heard about the recent helpful content update by Google? This new update by Google has shaken the SEO world. The Helpful Content Update rewards websites that produce helpful content. Before, the focus was on producing high-quality content. However, now Google will prioritize only those websites that produce helpful content for users and not for the search engines.

This update has caused much confusion and doubts, especially among the content writers. So, I decided to discuss this topic to make this easy for you.

This article will explain in detail what Google’s new helpful content update is and how it will positively affect SEO. Keep reading to learn something new!

What is Google’s Helpful Content Update?

Google’s helpful content update is aimed at surfacing helpful content in search results. It is a new algorithm update that rewards websites that produce helpful content for the users.

Previously, many people have written blogs and articles to rank high in SERPs. This could have brought more visitors to their websites, but the main question is: were these visitors looking to buy something? Sometimes, content written only with SEO and keywords in mind lacks human essence. It’s more focused on using a keyword often than providing something helpful and insightful to the readers.

When content is written for the people, the main goal should be to impart something valuable to the readers. While keywords are important, the main focus should be helping the reader rather than just trying to rank the content in search engines. It’s all about putting people first and writing something helpful for them.

This update has come because of the rising trend of producing low-quality content. With this new update, Google is trying to educate that if you want your content to appear at the top of the search results, make it valuable for the users. They encourage websites to produce helpful content for the people, not search engines. It’s all about making the internet more helpful for users.

How to Get High SERP Ranking with Google’s New Helpful Update

Here are some tips that will help you achieve high SERP with the new update:

1. Create content that provides real value to the users. Make it informative and valuable for the readers.

2. Identify your target audience and write what they want to read or learn. Don’t write anything for the sake of just rankings.

3. Do in-depth research and provide complete information on a topic. Also, try to mention what is next. Don’t give a brief overview of a subheading.

4. Make sure that your content is readable.

5. Where necessary, Add subheadings, lists, images, and examples.

6. Don’t just write in paragraphs. Give a proper format to your content.

7. Try to write conversational and engaging content to keep the readers hooked.

8. Add the links to high-quality sources.

9. Answer all the questions a reader might have about your content. Don’t leave anything unanswered.

10. Create evergreen content. Google will reward useful content.

11. Add the human touch even if you use an AI tool. AI tools can’t add a human touch to your content, which you can. Make sure to do that. The best is to avoid using AI tools.

12. Make sure to refresh your website’s old and unhelpful content. Even if your website has 100 helpful content, google won’t give it a ranking if it also has 100 unhelpful content. Google prefers a website that has fresh and valuable content.

13. Add FAQs at the end.

After reading this article, I hope you have clarity about Google’s new helpful content update. Make sure your content is evergreen and valuable. Stay updated with the new changes, as they can majorly impact your SEO.

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