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What I Offer. What You Need

What I Offer. What You Need.

The loading time of your Shopify store is crucial to attract customers. As a business owner, you know how crucial it is to give clients a problem-free buying experience. That’s why I’ve made available my service of Shopify Page Speed Optimization.

I understand that each online shop has its particular requirements. So, I customize my services to meet those demands. I can thoroughly examine your store’s performance and pinpoint problem areas with my knowledge. I streamline the code, optimize the pictures, and implement advanced caching strategies to guarantee that your shop loads quickly and efficiently. Your products will look fantastic on any mobile device when I implement my mobile optimization tactics.

My dedication to always being there for my clients sets me apart. I am familiar  with the ever-changing landscape of online commerce, and I am here to keep your Shopify store operating at its best. Increasing your store’s potential, increasing conversions, and propelling growth are all goals of my service. Try out my Page Speed Optimization service and see how much faster your Shopify store can be.

In short, you will get improved loading times, boosted user experience, increased SEO rankings, a faster website, and improved sales.

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With my Page Speed Optimization Service, you can learn how powerful a fast WordPress site can be. In today’s digital world, website speed is of the utmost importance because it affects both user experience and search engine results. I dig deep into your WordPress site to ensure every part is optimized for speed and efficiency.

I start with a full analysis to find bottlenecks. After that, fine-tune your site’s code, optimize images, and implement advanced caching methods. By using Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), I ensure people worldwide have fast loading times. I ensure your website is mobile-friendly and works perfectly on all devices.

However, my service includes ongoing monitoring to maintain peak performance besides optimization. With my WordPress Page Speed Optimization Service, you’ll enjoy faster loading times, improved search rankings, lower bounce rates, and a superior user experience. Keep sluggish loading times from holding you back; unlock the true potential of your WordPress website today.

In short, you will get improved loading times, increased user experience, enhanced SEO rankings, a faster website, and improved sales.

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Search Engine Optimization Service

With my experienced SEO assistance, you can be recognized online and develop your digital presence. In today’s competitive internet environment, it’s critical to appear when customers search for items or services like yours. This is where

I step in. I figure out what words and phrases people use to find businesses like yours in search engines. Then, I will tweak your website to speak the same language as those searchers. It’s like ensuring your store’s sign is visible and clear in a busy shopping district.

But I don’t stop there. I keep an eye on how well your website is doing in search results and make changes to help it climb higher. I aim to get more people to visit your website so you can turn them into customers. Try my SEO service, and let’s get your business seen by more people online.

In short, you will get competitor analysis, keyword research, technical SEO, on-page SEO, and off-page SEO.

Custom Request – Don’t worry, I got you!

Need help finding what you’re looking for? No problem, I’ve got your back! Contact me, and we’ll work together to find the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t let limitations hold you back – let’s create a custom solution that works for you.


Kavita Sharma

I’m a problem-solving expert, ready to help you succeed. I’ve over five years of experience in WordPress, Shopify, and making websites more visible on Google. I aim to understand your needs, provide the right solutions, and make them work well. I’ve already helped over 200 WordPress and Shopify site owners, and I am not slowing down!

I am great at website design, making sites faster, setting up online stores, and getting websites to appear in Google. I care about doing great work and making clients happy; you can see that in the reviews from my past clients.


The cost of optimization of web pages depends on the platform on which you have built your website and your requirements to speed up the website.

On an average, a user waits for 2-3 seconds at the most for a website to load. If the site takes any longer to open, its bounce rate may go up by as high as 90%.

Phones have a smaller screen due to which they use lesser data than desktops, affecting the speed of loading the website. So, minimizing files, redirects, and requests for mobile sites may differ.

Web performance optimization is important to reduce the bounce rate of the website and improve the chances of ranking it on the search engine results page since users don’t wait for sites to load.

It refers to improving the loading speed of a website by reducing the size of files, enabling caching, and reducing the number of redirects, without hampering its UI or content.

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